When an item is indicated as "In Stock" on our website, we dispatch it immediately after receiving the payment. From there, the delivery duration is determined by the chosen shipping method. If a product is marked as "In Stock" but also has a specified delivery time below its listing, that provided time frame will apply. Please be aware that some of our items are stored in a separate warehouse, so immediate shipping might not always be possible.

For products listed as "Out of Stock" on our site, a detailed delivery timeline will be provided. You can still order these products; however, there will be a waiting period involved.

Shipping Methods

At Steelcore, we pride ourselves on timely and efficient deliveries to our valued customers across Europe. Depending on your location, the following shipping methods and delivery durations apply:

For the Baltics

Omniva Parcel Terminals: A convenient method, taking just 2-3 working days to deliver.

Courier Services: We offer both Omniva and Itella courier services for swift and secure delivery directly to your address.

For Finland

Itella Smartpost Parcel Locker Services: A popular choice offering delivery within 2-3 days.

Courier Service: If you prefer a direct delivery, our courier service is readily available to meet your needs.

For all other European Union countries

GLS Courier: Serving the broader EU region, GLS ensures your order reaches you in just 2-5 working days, depending on the destination.

When browsing our products, if an item is indicated as "In Stock," we dispatch it immediately after receiving the payment. For products that come with a specified delivery time or are in a separate warehouse, the mentioned delivery time applies. For items listed as "Out of Stock," you can still place an order, understanding there will be a brief waiting period.

Choose the method that best suits your needs and shop with confidence, knowing your order is on its way!

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