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Molle medical pouch. Includes one circular medical patch (velcro, detachable).

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Small backpack for first aid essentials.

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Multi-purpose sleeping mat, reinforced sides with hinges. Intended for use as emergency stretcher.

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Made to hold average sized communication device

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Forceps – 12,5 cm – Sterile – disposable Forceps are used to place and remove wound pads etc materials while operating or surgery. Instrument is suitable for everyday use and also hospitals and clinics.

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Easy access Tourniquet Pouch

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Instant Ice Pack – single use (19x11cm)

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Cederroth 4-in-1 is a sterile universal dressing, which consists of one elastic bandage and one compress with a non-stick wound contact layer which is stitched to the bandage. The dressing is wrapped in a pouch with printed pictorial user instructions.

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Compressive bandage with wound tampon 10 x 100 cm/velcro

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